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From Humble Beginnings: Tales of a Native Son
By William Franklin Andrews
Illustrated by Hannah Muriel Andrews
ISBN 0-9767056-4-2 * 121 pages; 36 black-and-white illustrations * $15/paperback
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"Andrews loves to talk about the places he roamed in his youth, about growing up in a different time where life was slower and simpler and filled with opportunities for a boy who wasn’t afraid to work hard, try new things and take a chance."

Carole Robinson
The Williamson Herald

"Frank Andrews grew up in a shack that didn’t include running water or electric service, but the optimist in him points out that he could feed the chickens right through the floor."

Jay Sheridan
Southern Exposure Magazine

Engaging readers for over a decade
From Humble Beginnings:
Songs of a Native Son

By William Franklin Andrews
With a foreword by Mary Trim Anderson
ISBN 0-9767056-1-3 * 227 pages * $15/paperback * TEMPORARILY OUT OF PRINT

These selected poems of Franklin, Tennessee native Frank Andrews put a simple man's life of friendship and love as well as hardship and sadness to vivid rhyme. Whether he was courting his future wife or privately lamenting the loss of war, Andrews has paused to turn his feelings into poetry. Go with him as he does a U.S. Army private's muddy duty, watches his children grow up, goes broke and learns something from the good times and the bad. Reflecting the author's abiding faith in God and the goodness of the people of his hometown, these "songs" will bring joy to poetry lovers everywhere. Click here to read the foreword by Mary Trim Anderson. Click here for the prologue ("Mule Barn Blues").

 "I opened this [book] and I read and read and read." - Betty Wyren, San Mateo, California

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Prison Is A Place by Harley Sorensen 

PRISON IS A PLACE by Harley M. Sorensen: Available in September 2012 from Chronic Discontent Books  BUY IT NOW AT AMAZON.COM - Paperback 1st Ed. - 124 pages - $12.50


Eight years into a 20-year burglary sentence at Minnesota's Stillwater Prison, and just before he was paroled, award-winning journalist Harley M. Sorensen exchanged letters with a group of St. Paul Sunday school children hoping to learn what young people think about prisons and their occupants, and share what he knew about both. Sorensen left prison in 1971 and went on to write for the Minneapolis Tribune, Examiner.com and SFGate.com where his "View from the Left" column gained a large following. The manuscript for Prison Is A Place was rediscovered after Sorensen's Feb. 15, 2011 death, when Sorensen was remembered by Gail Rosenblum in her Minneapolis Star-Tribune column. Prison Is A Place is the first of the "lost books" of Harley Sorensen.


"I finished Prison Is A Place in one sitting, and couldn't help but be struck by how kind and generous Harley was to those students. He not only answered their questions, but in many cases, expanded upon them, which I'm sure made the students feel special. Prison Is A Place was also an education for me. Some things Harley wrote about I had never heard or understood. He made his days count in prison. Miss Thienes also was very admirable. My guess is those letters and her input to Harley helped his days pass a bit easier. I now know Harley even better and know that my high regard for him was not misplaced."

Louise Rendine McNamara
Rhode Island

"I love the book and couldn't put it down. He certainly made a mark on the lives of those children. God bless Harley ... thank you for publishing such a wonderful book. Harley gave a great gift to those children and to all who will read it."

Sister M. Anita Iddings RSM
Burlingame, California

"I love it. It is heartbreaking to say the least. I think it will be a best-seller ... It is beautifully done."

Carolyn Andrews
Franklin, Tennessee 

"Who was Harley Sorensen? He was a writer. A loving partner. A big man - 6 feet 2 and 200 pounds. A sports fan and a chess champ. Above all, Sorensen was a man who turned his life around."

Gail Rosenblum, 'Rediscovered Letters Link Prisoner, Kids 40 Years Later,' The Star-Tribune - Read Rosenblum's column here


"Harley had a difficult life from a very young age and he made some bad decisions along the way and ended up in prison. He spent over eight years of his life behind bars, but to hear him write about it, it wasn't as bad a place as I always imagined it would be."

Clemmie Jo, 'Prison Is A Place: Book Review,' The Adventures of Clemmie Jo - Read it here


The Greatest Revolution: Available in March 2011 - click here to buy it at Amazon.com
"My prayer for you is that you find the boldness described in Ephesians 3:12: 'In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.' There will come a time in each of our lives when we will need to call on Jesus with boldness and confidence. We have to be ready, for we may only have an instant to avert tragedy. If you have the courage to 'make it right' your life will be blessed beyond calculation."

- Jim Sullivan, from his introduction to The Greatest Revolution



Chronic Discontent Books was founded in 2005 by Thomas Brent Andrews in Franklin, Tennessee. In August 2005 Chronic Discontent Books released From Humble Beginnings: Songs of a Native Son by William Franklin Andrews. Released in April 2011 was the first Chronic Discontent religious studies volume, The Greatest Revolution by Jim Sullivan. In 2012, Harley Sorensen's Prison Is A Place was published posthumously with the assistance of Harley's long-time girlfriend, Betty Wyren, after the manuscript was discovered in an abandoned storage unit. From Humble Beginnings: Tales of a Native Son is William Franklin Andrews' collection of short stories from a lifetime of living and working in Middle Tennessee; it was released in December 2017. ##